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Through the Sacred Liturgy the work of our Redemption is accomplished.  The Sacred Liturgy is the outstanding means by which the local Church experiences and expresses the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ for the glorification of God and the sanctification of God's people.

Under the direction of the Diocesan Bishop who serves as Moderator of the Liturgy in the Diocese, the Office of Worship collaborates with various diocesan offices, parishes, schools, and other Catholic institutions and agencies to provide catechesis and training.

The Office of Worship assists with select diocesan liturgies; helps to implement liturgical directives of the Diocesan Bishop, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Holy See; and provide research and answers inquiries regarding the liturgy.

Liturgical Music Workshop – January 31


To listen to a pod cast about this workshop and how it has come about please follow this link

Wichita area liturgical musicians and liturgy planners have gathered together to conduct a liturgical music workshop on Saturday, January 31st from 8:30am to 1:30pm at the Church of the Magdalen, 12626 E. 21st St. N. in Wichita. The workshop is open to everyone who participates in music ministry in their parish or institution as well as to anyone interested in learning more about liturgical music. To print a form to register please follow this link.

The idea for the workshop came out of a meeting in 2013 when several persons met to consider forming a Wichita chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. Participants agreed that it would be helpful to bring together more people first and learn from one another. Sr. Nylas Moser, ASC, Director of Liturgy for the Adorers Center in Wichita, convened the meeting and helped conceive the idea for this workshop.

“We would engage more musicians and build relationships,” according to Sr. Nylas. “Not only will we build relationships through this workshop, but we will enhance our skills and learn to know one another better.”

General presentations will be made by Fr. John Lanzrath on the formation of the liturgical minister and Jim Jones on church legislation regarding liturgical music. Breakout sessions will be held for cantors and choir members, for liturgy planners and choir and music directors, for keyboard players, and for guitar players.

Kitty Michot, Parish Liturgist at St. Jude, Wichita, will work with cantors and choir members.  She is very excited about the workshop. “I really think it’s a good activity for people to come together with other musicians to see what’s available and what other parishes are doing.” Shirley Wiebe is an organist with Church of the Magdalen and will work with Carol Pracht on the presentation for keyboard players. Mrs. Wiebe says she hopes the workshop will show the “Unity within the diocese.”

David Dondlinger and Nick Engels will speak to cantors and choir members. Tom Olivier will work with guitarists. An afternoon discussion panel will include Sr. Nylas, Jim Jones, David Dondlinger, and Fr. H Setter. Carol Pracht will moderate the panel.

Almost a dozen persons have been involved in the planning and the staging of the workshop. Everyone is looking forward to meeting new people and sharing their experiences and love of liturgical music.

The day will include prayer together at the very start, led by Fr. Lanzrath.

Everyone is invited to this workshop. You don’t have to be a musician, or even a singer. There is no charge. A free will offering will be accepted to offset the cost of snacks. Come meet others who love the Lord and enjoy a Spirit-filled encounter. Sing of the glory of God!




Please follow this link to register for the RCIA Retreat on February 28, 2015.

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