Protection of Youth

Information Pertaining to Sexual Misconduct Promise to Protect
The Catholic Diocese of Wichita is committed to and fully supports the mandates outlined in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (USCCB 2002). Our diocese, with the direction and support of Bishop Carl A. Kemme, has developed programs to create a safe environment for children. All priests, staff, and volunteers who work regularly with children are required to comply with these programs:

Pledge to Heal
We promise to reach out to those who have been sexually abused as minors by anyone serving the Church.

We pledge a compassionate and pastoral response to help in the healing and reconciliation process.
If you have questions about our efforts or wish to file a complaint, please contact:

  • Dan Smarsh, Victim Assistance Coordinator
    Any questions about the VIRTUS safe environment program, please contact:

Therese Seiler, VIRTUS Coordinator

In an effort to provide as much help as we can in reporting suspected child sexual abuse, we are providing the following contact information. To report child abuse or neglect to the Department of Children and Family, call 1-888-757-2445. To report suspected abuse to the police, call 911.  To report suspected abuse to our bishop, call 316-269-3900 and ask for Msgr. Hemberger.   We encourage you to make contact with one, or all, of these entities if you suspect the abuse of a child. There is a phone number dedicated which provides this information also - 316-440-1757.