Start Your Own Group

We hope that you are excited about what Kapaun's Men has to offer.  If you already have a men's group, then our programming can fit right into your own structure.  If not, the Operations Manual can help answer your questions around starting your own group.  We are also happy to provide assistance in the form of a Kapaun's Men Adviser as you get your group going.  Take a look at the Operations Manual, and let us know if you have questions!

Click here to download the Kapaun's Men Operations Manual

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Why start a Kapaun's Men Group in your parish?

  • Men grow as the spiritual leaders of their parish, their community and their homes
  • Men become better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends
  • Connects men to an authentic masculine Christianity
  • Provides men with support and accountability
  • Increases the vibrancy of parish and family life