Every time Tim and Jackie Oglesby shared their stories about why they became Catholic, the response was: “You’ve got to go on EWTN’s The Journey Home program!”
Years after they first heard that comment, they have checked The Journey Home program off their bucket list.
Like many converts, the Oglesbys watched the popular program, featuring interviews with lay people and clergy who became Catholic, before they began formal study into Catholicism. Their journey is long, with many bends in the road, and the cable TV program proved to be critical in their decision to join the church.
One day on their journey they found themselves weeping upon hearing about the death of Pope John Paul II.
“We were wondering why we were so moved at the funeral of this pope and we really began to feel like there’s something going on here,” Tim said.
At the time Tim was a lay pastor and was eventually ordained as a priest in The Father’s House in Hutchinson. There are several associated churches with similar names in Kansas, such as The Father’s House in Newton, and The Father’s House in Larned. The churches are part of the Convergence Movement, which is among evangelical and charismatic churches that blend charismatic worship with liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer and other liturgical sources.
“So in the Newton church we were doing, basically, the Anglican liturgy,” he said.” We were even having processions. It was a little like Catholic-light to be honest. And we actually had visitors that would ask us, ‘Are you Catholic?’ And we had to say, no, were not Catholic, but we love the Catholics!”
Eventually the tug of the Holy Spirit was too much, the Oglesbys say.
“Over time it was getting very clear to us that God was actually calling us,” Tim said. “And it continued to be the Eucharist that was drawing us toward the Catholic Church.”
One of the key players in their decision to embrace Catholicism was the testimony of Michael Cumbie – also on the Journey Home program several years ago – who was a Charismatic Episcopal Church priest who became Catholic.
Soon after they realized they were going to become Catholic.
Taking that formal step would mean changing relationships with dear friends who had journeyed with the couple through difficult personal challenges.
“I knew I had to resign all the positions I had in the church,” Tim said. “That was one of the most difficult days of my life.”
Jackie searched for a priest and eventually contacted Father Edmund Kline and set up a meeting at Church of the Resurrection in Wichita, and he agreed to begin the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults privately with them. Father Kline was one of many who recommended they appear on Grodi’s program, but he had a connection with the Franciscans at the Eternal World Television Network, and began one of several contacts that resulted in the recent taping.
The Oglesbys finished the RCIA process with the rest of the catechumens and candidates at St. Teresa Parish in Hutchinson, where they were received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 2013.
One consistency among the priests they came to know during their journey was a statement that they needed to tell their story on Marcus Grodi’s show, including Father Jerry Beat, who introduced them to the Cursillo movement. A Cursillo weekend connected them to Mark Wiebe, a parishioner at Church of the Magdalen in Wichita, who was so persistent in several calls and emails that in January Grodi issued an invitation to the Oglesbys.
They flew Sunday, April 30, to Zanesville, Ohio, to tape the show on Monday, May 1, in The Coming Home Network International’s studio.
The Oglesbys, like many converts, are eager to share their faith – after their long and interesting journey into the Catholic Church.
In additional being one of the recent graduating classes from Newman University’s masters of theology program, the couple has begun an adult catechetical program.
One of the joys of reading scripture with “Catholic glasses – the original pair,” Tim said, is not only seeing the Bible in a different light, but being able to learn about the wisdom and teaching of the early church fathers, much of which is a part of the Oglesby’s second favorite book after the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which had Tim in tears after about 10 pages into the book.
“No one else has a book like that,” he said. “They’ve got the Bible, their own version of it, but no one else has a catechism like that. It just blew me away.”

Want to watch the Oglesbys on EWTN?
Tim and Jackie Oglesby will be interviewed by Marcus Grodi on EWTN at 7 p.m. Monday, May 22, on The Journey Home. The show will be repeated a few hours later at midnight, and again at noon on Friday, May 26.