They’ve been around for 120 years, and yet they may be the best kept secret in Kansas.
Perhaps it’s because they don’t have officially designated meeting halls. Or because they don’t don ceremonial garb at church functions. Or perhaps they just don’t get the press that their male counterparts in the Knights of Columbus have.
Whatever the reason, it’s difficult to visit with members of the Daughters of Isabella for more than a few minutes without wondering why there isn’t a line of women waiting to become members. Some 200 Daughters of Isabella from across Kansas joined for the semiannual D. of I. State Convention March 24-26 in Garden City, which also celebrated the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s “Miracle of the Sun”.
They held several business meetings, enjoyed a reception banquet with a presentation by International Vice Regent Susanne Suchy of Michigan, and celebrated Mass with the Most Rev. John B. Brungardt.
Pam Nowak, regent from St. Charles Circle 287 in Gorham, joined the group in the 1970s. “There are circles throughout the United States and Canada,” which include some 60,000 members total, she explained just prior to a banquet meal being served, as Al Miller, a local musician, sang softly and played guitar.
“There are 26 circles in Kansas. Our motto is ‘Unity – Friendship – Sharing.’ We try to help the community in any way we can. We serve funeral dinners for members who have lost a loved one. We hold lots of fundraisers. We help out the youth.”
And they pray for each other. They are, in effect, a mutual support group, bonding as women of Christ, offering spiritual and emotional support through prayer, prayer for members of their “circle” and their families, and prayers for members who are otherwise strangers to them – and their families. “It’s something I really believe in,” Nowak said.