Wants all couples to receive best education they can get about Natural Family Planning
By Molly Martin
For Becky Knapp, the new program coordinator of Natural Family Planning in the Office of Marriage and Family Life, working for the Diocese of Wichita is a great privilege and honor.
“It’s a huge privilege,” said Knapp in an interview on May 1. “It is a great blessing, but it is also a great responsibility.”
Knapp succeeds Judith Leonard, who retired in December, and interim program coordinator, Martina Holmes.
Knapp has grown up in the Diocese of Wichita having attended Magdalen Catholic School and Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School. Knapp then attended St. Mary of the Plains College, Dodge City where she received her bachelor’s of science in nursing and met her husband, Rob Knapp. Becky and Rob are members of The Church of the Magdalen, and have five children.
Knapp is trained as a registered nurse and began her career by working on a medical surgery floor in Lawrence, Kan., while Rob finished school. From there, Knapp continued work on a cardiology floor at what is now Via Christi on St. Francis. Knapp said she worked there for a while but just felt drawn to helping people understand about human sexuality, how we are made in the image and likeness of God and how important our faith is.
“I met Dr. Ruth Taylor and she inspired me and basically trained me to teach ‘Teen Power’ which was a chastity based human sexuality program that we taught in the diocese for years to our eighth graders,” said Knapp. “And then, as I did that for a couple of years, it just became kind of a natural transition to learn to teach Natural Family Planning.”
In 1994, Knapp was trained to teach the Creighton Model Fertility Care system and has continued to teach Natural Family Planning since. Recently, Knapp completed an education program through the Pope Paul VI Institute to be able to train other fertility care practitioners.
New coordinator, new goals
Knapp hopes that all couples – whether they are preparing for marriage, have been married for a number of years, or have had a conversion experience – receive the best education they can obtain concerning Natural Family Planning.
“I think NFP offers couples an opportunity; no matter what their learning style is or what their needs are,” said Knapp. “My goal is to be supportive of our teachers and to empower them to be able to do things that they need, to be able to teach couples well to the best of their ability.”
In the future, Knapp hopes to see the program able to provide a teacher for as many parishes as possible, or at least teachers strategically located so couples are not burdened when they want to learn about Natural Family Planning. In addition, Knapp would like to add programs for formation for families, teachers and parents.
“We are very happy to be able to try to expand on what we have,” said Knapp. “To offer couples more, to address those areas where people need more information.”
Knapp continued: “I most look forward to just writing this next chapter of moving forward in the future – in great gratitude for everything that everyone has done and sacrificed before. And then just trying to live up to that and try to help everybody – for us all to live to our highest potential.”