Ignite the Summer at Holy Spirit Catholic Church

It's Time to Ignite the Summer at Holy Spirit Catholic Church!

Join Wichita Adore Ministry and Holy Spirit Catholic Church as we pull togeth-er for a night of prayer, adoration, and summer night dancing! Adoration will commence in the Church at 8:00pm with Exposition, and Con-fessions and Worship Music will follow as we seek the Heart of the Lord. We'll begin Benediction around 8:55pm, and wrap up in the Church just after 9pm before heading outside for a dance under the Kansas Sky. Our night will con-clude with the dance ending and closing prayer as a group at 10:45pm. Come join us for this midsummers' night of prayer! Please bring any of the follow-ing to support God’s food pantry, dry beans, pasta, rice, peanut butter, canned goods, and hygiene items. This event is for all ages, and all peoples of all faiths are welcome. We do ask for your reverence for the Lord, Truly Present in the Eucharist. Sponsored by the Holy Spirit CYM.