OUR MISSION: To assist parishes that struggle financially to carry out the mission of Catholic education in parish school. Read More
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Support our Parish Schools

Help to open the doors of our Catholic Schools as wide as possible to serve all of our active parish families.


About the St. Drexel Fund

The burden of supporting our Catholic schools cannot be placed exclusively on individual parishes that have schools. It will require all Catholics, including those in parishes without schools, and those who no longer have school-age children, to join us in this endeavor. Catholic schools are worthy of everyone's support to ensure that they not only survive but thrive.

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In the Stewardship way of life...

Catholic schools are parochial; they belong to the parish. They are not private schools that are owned and operated by those who use them. Therefore, every school family is encouraged to be an active parish steward.

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Walk in Sister's Shoes

Walk in Sister's Shoes is a diocesan-wide effort to educate families about the mission and ministries of this American saint and drive support for our own Catholic schools with an annual collection from students across the diocese

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