Fr. Kapaun’s ‘miracles’ investigation coming to an end

Diocesan investigation into alleged miracles attributed to Fr. Kapaun will be finished at end of September; official from Rome plans visit
The investigation into the alleged miracles attributed to the intercession of Father Emil Kapaun will be closed at the end of September.
Father John Hotze, a priest of the Diocese of Wichita who is overseeing the cause for canonization of Fr. Kapaun, said Dr. Andrea Ambrosi will be in Wichita Sept. 28-29 when the diocese will host a ceremony officially closing the investigation of the miracles.
“At that time he’ll be able to give us some idea as to the timeline for what happens next,” Father Hotze said.
Dr. Ambrosi, a Roman civil attorney and canon lawyer, is the postulator for Fr. Kapaun’s cause. A postulator is an official who presents a plea for beatification or canonization.
Dr. Ambrosi and his staff are currently working on the positio, a document that will attempt to prove Father Kapaun’s life of sanctity and heroic virtue. “The positio, along with the information on the alleged miracles, will be turned in to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The Congregation will use this information to determine whether or not Father Kapaun will be beatified.”
Fr. Hotze said the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, one of the departments of the Vatican, has historical and theological committees who will pore over the documents submitted by the Diocese of Wichita.
“There’s a panel of cardinals who assist the Congregation in reviewing the evidence. These cardinals will make the final recommendations to the pope as to Father Kapaun’s worthiness for beatification.”
But, all of the evidence related to the miracles may not be necessary for Father Kapaun’s beatification. Evidence to declare him a martyr is also being compiled for the Congregation. If Fr. Kapaun is declared a martyr, no evidence of miracles is needed.
“If he is named a martyr, then he will automatically be beatified,” Fr. Hotze said. “That means the evidence that we sent over for the miracles will be used as evidence for Father Kapaun’s life of sanctity.”
Father Hotze said Dr. Ambrosi will be able to give the diocese a good idea as to whether the diocese has enough evidence to declare Father Kapaun a martyr.
Dr. Ambrosi, an attorney for the Roman Rota, the church’s highest judicial court, will be accompanied by Madelaine Kuns, an assistant to Dr. Ambrosi for English language causes and processual procedures.

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