By Beatriz Balza
The new director of the diocesan Office of Hispanic Ministry accepted the position because she wants to give back to the church.
Danny Krug, who previously worked at Cessna Aircraft, said working for the church is a way of “paying back” the Diocese of Wichita. “For me is an honor to have been chosen for this position,” she said, “and it feels right.”
She succeeds Jo Fernandez, who recently retired.
A native of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Krug has lived in Wichita for 28 years. She and her husband, Darryl Krug, are members of All Saints Parish, Wichita, and have two children.
She said she is hoping to establish a program for Hispanic grandparents who sacrificed to bring their families to the United States. Grandparents are an important part the community, she said, and need to be appreciated. Another area she will work on is the practice of stewardship among Hispanics, which she considers as fundamental for every Catholic disciple.
Krug initially became associated with the Diocese of Wichita through the mission the diocese had for many years in Barquisimeto. She was a secretary at the church that hosted the mission and became very familiar with all the priests from Kansas who served there.
Krug traveled to the United States after accepting a suggestion from Father Jerry Beat to study English in Wichita. While studying at Newman University, she earned a degree in business administration and management.
She said the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, the sponsors of Newman University, and the priest at the mission became family for her.