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Catholics Enrolling in a Catholic Elementary School
The first step in enrolling in a Catholic elementary school is choosing a school.  Whether you buy your house and then look for a school or plan to choose a school before looking for a house, it is important to note that our schools are sponsored by parishes.  Although exceptions can be made by the pastor, generally you need to live inside the parish boundaries to be accepted into that parish’s school.  Click here to find a school in the Wichita area. Zoom in on the map to see the boundaries for each parish and location of the schools.  Most of the schools have web-sites that give a great deal of information.

The second step is to visit the schools and find the right fit for you.  Our parish schools vary greatly in size.  You might have a preference for a small school that offers personalized attention or a large school that offers a greater variety of opportunities.  The principals would be happy to meet with you, give you a tour, and answer any questions you might have.  Each school’s enrollment process is unique so be prepared to ask questions.

A third step for Catholics is to establish your history of stewardship.  Since we are a stewardship diocese our schools do not charge tuition to practicing Catholics.  A child’s Catholic education is a gift from the parish offered to all parishioners who practice a stewardship way of life.  To better understand stewardship in the Diocese of Wichita, visit the Stewardship page.  Some pastors may want a letter of recommendation from your previous pastor commenting on your history of time, talent and treasure.  They may also want to meet with you personally to discuss the spirituality of stewardship. 

Catholics Enrolling in a Catholic High School
There are two Catholic high schools in Wichita, one in Hutchinson, and one in Pittsburg.  The same steps as above generally apply.  However, the high schools will expect to see a record of previous academic performance (including home-schooled students) and some record of previous participation in religious education.  Forms are available from the high schools.

Second, a family must obtain a signed Parish Family Agreement from a supporting parish.  Pastors are under no obligation to sign a Parish Family Agreement for a student or family that does not take their parish stewardship seriously, and may revoke the agreement if families do not keep the agreement or if student behavior or academic performance is not satisfactory. A signed Parish Family Agreement is a requirement but not a guarantee of high school admission.

Students will be formally notified of their acceptance when all requirements have been met. However, the high schools may also issue a conditional acceptance where circumstances warrant.